The Special Olympics was held in Dunedin in December 2013 and the Sth Taranaki team approached the Eltham Lions Club for a donation to assist with getting the kids and coaches down to Dunedin, as well as accommodation and feeding them while they were there.  The Club was only too happy to help out, especially as member Max's daughter Jodie would be attending and competing in several swimming events. 

The kids did a great job and at the social meeting in February, they brought their parents along to say thank you for the Club's donations as well as to show off their medals. 

Jodie won a gold as well as two bronze medals for her efforts in the pool.  Dillon received many participation medals and, as his father told the Club, he swam so fast he ended up jumping the gun a couple of times! 

Dillon also received a new pair of glasses through the health checks during the event which is sponsored and funded through LCIF. 

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